Dental implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the treatment of choice to replace one or several teeth, either due to the deterioration or the absence of it. It is an addition of titanium with a threaded design that is inserted into the maxillary bone or jaw, in order to simulate the dental root because in the future (after the osteointegration period) it can withstand a crown wound with the shape and color of the tooth to rest. It consists of the own dental implant (anchorage), a transepithelial pillar (emerges from the gum) and a crown (aesthetic part).

In the case of totally toothless patients, the placement of a certain number of implants in a strategic way will allow us to design a prosthesis that will allow both the aesthetic and the lost function to be returned. In many cases, if a series of conditions meet, we can perform this procedure so that the patient makes use of their fixed teeth in 24-48 hours.

Implantes pterigoideos y cigomáticos

En aquellos casos donde no disponemos de hueso suficiente para la colocación de implantes de manera convencional, podemos recurrir a la utilización de implantes inclinados o angulados, buscando el anclaje de estos en estructuras óseas periféricas. Una vez conseguido este anclaje, podremos confeccionar unos dientes fijos, estéticos y funcionales. Esta técnica permite, sobre todo, acortar notablemente el tiempo de tratamiento y evitar el uso de procedimientos quirúrgicos más complejos e invasivos.